Routes with Roots

Battlefield and Cultural Tours That Connect Us All

Posted on Thu February 17, 2022.

South Africa, a land of great thirst to the North, and the beginnings of life to the South. To the East, rich stories trickle down from the highest mountaintops before meandering over vast plateaus before plunging off great escarpments to the ocean, ready to welcome ancient rivers that have bore witness to some of history’s most dramatic events.

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Journey With African Safari Collective

Posted on Tue December 8, 2020.

At African Safari Collective, we’re glass-half-full kind of people. Instead of letting 2020 derail plans, it brought a group of family-owned lodges together during a time when everything and everyone was falling apart. We came together as a way of holding each other accountable to the highest standards, which is why we’re in the tourism industry and certainly not politicians. We firmly believe that we can go #FurtherTogether and deliver spectacular South African safaris with sustainability at the heart of everything we do.

So while many of us are thinking about what our New Year’s Resolutions should be, we’re sharing our journeys through this video below as our pledges to you, to Africa, to her people, and wildlife.

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