• A family safari holiday game drive at Leopard Mountain Safari Lodge in KZN, South Africa.

Journey With African Safari Collective

Posted on Tue December 8, 2020.

At African Safari Collective, we’re glass-half-full kind of people. Instead of letting 2020 derail plans, it brought a group of family-owned lodges together during a time when everything and everyone was falling apart. We came together as a way of holding each other accountable to the highest standards, which is why we’re in the tourism industry and certainly not politicians. We firmly believe that we can go #FurtherTogether and deliver spectacular South African safaris with sustainability at the heart of everything we do.

So while many of us are thinking about what our New Year’s Resolutions should be, we’re sharing our journeys through this video below as our pledges to you, to Africa, to her people, and wildlife.

Watch the video at the top for a 3 minute journey of pure African safari, battle fields and game lodge inspiration. Or learn more about our journeys as you follow the story of the video by reading below: 

This year everything came apart, while we joined forces. As a group of family-owned lodges, we knew that we could go further together. We wanted to change the future of travel, focusing on spectacular safaris but sustainable experiences too.

And we’re ready to share African Safari Collective with you.

It’s our privilege to share the absolute best that Southern Africa has to offer. We do traditional safaris where the wild is exactly that - unscripted, unspoiled, and truly wild. You’ll meet the residents who have roamed these lands for centuries before, and then we’ll take you on ocean and lake safaris, where hippos politely ignore your presence.

Have you ever walked with rhinos? Felt a lion’s roar? Stood underneath a giant waterfall? Ziplined between canopies? Or felt the heartbeat of Africa through the soles of your feet?

Take it slow or fast. We have it all.

Unlock the magical cultural routes we love ourselves. Where dusty histories are transformed into compelling stories. We share the routes that connect us and the roots that ground us proudly in Africa. You’ll leave with the sands of Africa in your boots, and know that it never washes out.

With family at the core of everything we do, we understand how to create family experiences that you’ll treasure forever. Breathe in a lifetime of shared stories and implant the seed of Africa that will keep calling you back to her forevermore.

Rejuvenate those dormant spaces within your souls that are calling to be replenished, before you start your magical life together. Our luxury lodges offer privacy exemplified, in all the right places. So you can fall in love with our world, and of course, even more so, with each other. 

If you want to truly breathe again nature is our thing. While we offer spectacular adventures, in this journey we remind you to stop and enjoy the majestic world around you. Be lulled to sleep by the sounds of the bush or ocean, because it’s your time to take a moment to appreciate nature’s greatest gifts.

When you stay with us, you’re not just experiencing spectacular safaris. You’re helping our lodges continue to make a deep and lasting difference in their communities. You’re helping ensure that the Africa you see now, not only remains authentic, but prospers into a land that future generations will want to inherit and you’ll feel proud to leave behind. 

You see, every day the sun rises. Every night the sun sets. Every day is the same. Yet none are ever alike when we connect you to the spirit of this wonderful place, and our spectacular travel partners.