Bush and Beach or Safari and Sea? Whatever You Call It, We Offer It.

Posted on Mon September 6, 2021.

Strikingly different, yet equally captivating. That’s safari and sea. Get the best of both worlds at our lodges in South Africa. With majestic beasts patrolling bush and beach, and fishermen in different shapes and sizes, our catch of the day has many meanings. While the land offers fresh perspectives to those who wish to see it. Safaris and seas are symbiotic - and equally hypnotic. Discover safari, sea, and everything in between, with African Safari Collective.

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Carpe Diem-Inspired Adventure Travel at Our African Safari Lodges

Posted on Tue June 29, 2021.

Live life with no regrets, right? But, what does that mean? Well, this is how we define adventure travel at African Safari Collective: Think along the lines of safaris, on foot or on game drives. Mountain biking and hiking with trails taking you to places few have seen before. Chase waterfalls, or explore the Indian Ocean, and meet all who call its warm waters ‘home.’

Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or in search of an escape from your reality, ASC takes you places no one else will. Experience the thrill of travel at our African safari lodges.

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Family Holiday Treasures Worth Seeking at Our South African Safari Lodges

Posted on Mon April 12, 2021.

When it comes to family holidays in South Africa, deciding where to go can be tricky. Some of us just want to laze around the poolside at a safari lodge with a mandatory mimosa in hand. While others much prefer to stay active and venture out on guided safari walks or frolic with resident dolphins in the bay. And then there’s always that one family member who simply wants to be left alone - we’re almost certain that you can relate?

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African Safari Collective - Pioneer Lodges of Regenerative Tourism in South Africa

Posted on Mon January 25, 2021.

"Regenerative Travel" is the buzz word on everybody's lips - yet we've been doing it since inception through our sustainable trips at each of our safari lodges in South Africa.

If you're thinking about staying with ASC, just know that you'll be travelling for good. Our lodges are family-run and strongly community-driven. Therefore, when you see levies placed on your stay, just know that you're helping us protect and conserve the natural wildlife for future generations to inherit.

So while you're enjoying our luxury safari lodges in South Africa, this is what they're doing in their local communities behind-the-scenes:

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Journey With African Safari Collective

Posted on Tue December 8, 2020.

At African Safari Collective, we’re glass-half-full kind of people. Instead of letting 2020 derail plans, it brought a group of family-owned lodges together during a time when everything and everyone was falling apart. We came together as a way of holding each other accountable to the highest standards, which is why we’re in the tourism industry and certainly not politicians. We firmly believe that we can go #FurtherTogether and deliver spectacular South African safaris with sustainability at the heart of everything we do.

So while many of us are thinking about what our New Year’s Resolutions should be, we’re sharing our journeys through this video below as our pledges to you, to Africa, to her people, and wildlife.

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