• Leopard Mountain Safari Lodge Veiwing deck and expansive landscape - For Family Safari Holidays in KZN, South Africa.
    Immersive Travel

Immersive Travel Experiences in South Africa

Stop | Look | Breathe | Treasure | Stay | #ItsAFeeling | Immersive Travel

We invite you on an immersive travel experience and to smell, see and feel the untouched nature that surrounds us. Be lulled to sleep by the magical sounds of the bush or the ocean. Nature is our thing, and we are thrilled to be providing you with tailored and immersive experiences to connect you again with the big and small wonders around us.

Immersive Travel in South Africa

Our aim is to guide you to a feeling of being surrounded, be this via tree-hugging, or time alone with lots of well-deserved silence and peace. You probably need some #OpenSpaces, and it's all out here, just waiting for you with our immersive travel experiences. 

While the African Safari Collective offers spectacular adventures and activities, in this specific journey we remind you to stop and enjoy the majestic natural world around you. Whether it is simply sitting on your deck, watching the birds go by or looking out at the starlit sky - this is your time to take a moment to appreciate nature’s gifts. Remember all the while that you are making this possible. This journey can tailor so many surprises, all depending on what you need and want to take in at the moment.

Contact our team for suggested itineraries to match your ideal travel dates with Immersive Travel experiences at our lodges.