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Adrenaline Junkie

The Thrill of African Safari Travel | The Adventure Vacation of a Lifetime | It is Time!

Have you ever walked with wild rhinos? Felt your chest vibrate when a lion roars? Seen a hyena right under your nose outside your car window? Experienced the unbridled joy of cycling through watchful wildlife? Felt your heart quicken and your hair stand on end while listening to a dramatic fireside tale? Felt the heartbeat of Africa through your feet while walking through savannahs littered with big and small wildlife?

Take it slow or fast. We have it all. Join us if you want that fire within to burn, always.

Adventure Travel in South Africa

Contact our team for suggested itineraries to match your ideal travel dates with Adrenaline Junkie Journeys at our lodges. Or take a look at our existing adventure and adrenaline junkie tours and special offers below.